Make a Wooden Mallet


In the video above Ben shows us how to use a lathe to turn a piece of firewood into the handle for a mallet, and a block of scrap wood into the head.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Goggles or full face mask.
  • Dust mask (Ben isn't wearing one in the video because he's talking as he's working, but strongly recommends you wear one, especially if you're prone to allergies.)
  • Turning Chisels
  • Flush cut saw
  • Forstner drill bits
  • Square
  • Hammer

Of course, in addition to these you will also need access to a wood lathe. In doing this, or any project on the wood lathe, Ben stresses that you should not wear loose clothing when operating a lathe, and tie back long hair. This is a great project for anyone to get started in wood-turning, and provides a functional tool upon completion.

The Tools You'll Need

This will become that

Originally appeared in the Make: Magazine blog.