The Belly Button Book

Belly Button Set


'The Belly Button' is an interactive children's book and set of wireless toys that extends beyond the page and allows curious 3 to 4 year olds to bring the story to life in their own bedroom.

The reader -- or child being read to -- can make parts of the story come alive. The child wears a toy button on their belly that when pressed, wirelessly activates strange things to occur in their own room.

One day a baby wakes with a button where her navel should be. Her obviously worried parents are compelled to press it. When the lights flicker in the book (press the button), a lamp flickers in the room. When the house shakes in the story (press the button), actual toys get knocked off of the shelves. When an elephant zips along in an airplane (press the button), elephant and jet sound effects are triggered.

User Testing

Belly Button Book

Airplane Bookend

Book, Elephant, and Button

Airplane, Blocks, and Button