Lake Log Bowl

Recently, I got my hands on some logs that have been at the bottom of a lake for about 100 years. I turned a simple bowl, just to see what the wood would give me. I’m very happy with how it turned out. The imperfections give it so much character.

Lake Log Bowl

The wood was pretty stinky, I had to put the microwave outside while I dried it out. Thankfully the smell went away once it dried.

Drying out lake logs Lake Log Bowl

I’m not sure what species of wood it is, it might be maple. I believe the gray color is due to the fact that it has been absorbing dirt and silt for a couple decades.

After truing up the bottom of the bowl, I found it wasn’t exactly flat. The bottom comes to a point that allows the bowl to spin. It’s a bowl and a top. This was totally on purpose by the way.

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