The After Laser Party

The Laser Party was fantastic. The ladies of Design Glut and the fine folks at Length Width Height (a fabrication lab in the “incubation” center at NY Designs) hosted a great event. Met some great people and saw some very interesting designs.

They have a 51″ x 51″ laser cutter, the biggest I’ve ever seen. The thing opens up like a DeLorean and when the roof deck door is open, you can see the Empire State Building (my streak of using tools with some killer views continues). She’s a real beauty.

Laser cut Monster Mirror

After a little trouble with my CAD file (I was the only one to give them a bum file, awesome), we cut a Monster Mirror. It turned out great. I still need to glue it up, sand it, and finish it, but this beats cutting them out by hand.

Laser set up

The other designs were incredible, check them out here. If you are in the NYC area and in need of a 51″ laser cutter, I know a guy.

And FYI, laser cut food does not taste good.

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