Walnut Lamps

Walnut Lamps

The latest lamps I’ve been working on are made from walnut. The build process took place in three studios. The gluing up of the walnut took place at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. The turning was done at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) Open Studios in Manhattan. And the finishing was done at my studio in the Poconos. The lamps kind of represent the spaces I’ve had the pleasure of working in recently.

Walnut Glue Ups Action Shot

The walnut was store bought, which I don’t feel great about. I typically like to know where my material is coming from, know its story. But walnut is such a beautiful wood that I will almost always make an exception. The lamps have built-in dimmer switches in the sockets and have black braided fabric cords. They are both finished with tung oil.

Walnut Lamp 1

Walnut Lamp 2

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