Jar Lamps

Jar Lamp

My family has a tradition of making our gifts for the holidays (see previous here and here). This can cause a lot of extra stress on the ol’ peace on earth thing. Basically, if you haven’t started making by Thanksgiving, you’re going to be in the weeds all December. I decided to keep it kind of simple for at least some of the gifts this year. I call them Jar Lamps, mainly because they are made with jars (see how cleaver I am). I like the idea that a majority of the piece is made from an off-the-shelf item.

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In the spirit of Lindsey Adelman’s You Make It series, here is the parts list:

Jar - Michaels, can’t find it on the site though
Porcelain Keyless Socket - Grand Brass
Braided Fabric Cord - Grand Brass
Cord Dimmer - Grand Brass
Threaded Nipple - Grand Brass
Turned Base - made it myself

It’s a pretty straight forward build — wired up wooden base, jar shade, and a cool Edison bulb.

Ok, so not as detailed as Ms. Adelman’s, but you get the idea.

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