Airplane Simulation

Robbie Tilton and Mehan Jayasuriya did a phenomenal job on their Airplane Simulation.

As an interesting exercise teams had to create an interface and then hand it off to be built by another team. Peter Darche and I created the original interface for an airplane simulation using only your body (see below), and the guys took it and turned it up to 11.

In Robbie’s words: Airplane simulation is a webGL game that gives a user the ability to fly an airplane with their body. As a user moves his/her arms and torso around they have full access to roll, pitch, and yaw the plane. The game uses Processing to access Kinect data and then sends it to a node.js server. On the client-side – we’re using chrome to render a webGL canvas using the Three.js library where the movement of the plane is adjusted based on the socket data coming in from the Kinect.

Airplane Controller Instructions - Roll

Airplane Controller Instructions - Pitch

Airplane Controller Instructions - Yaw

Side note: Pill Popper came out of this same exercise.

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