DIY Pot Rack

Since I’ve seen some really great designs for pipe furniture lately, I figured I’d share something I did a while back.

DIY Pot Rack

I made a pot rack using some 3/4″ galvanized pipe, some fittings, and some hand made “S” hooks. After polishing the pipe, hitting it with a light coat of wax, and assembling it, the rack attached to the wall pretty easily with some wall anchors. The “S” hooks were the only real effort.

I bent some stiff wire around a broom handle and cut off the excess with a hack saw. I know it seems ridiculous to make your own “S” hooks (come on you can buy them at any hardware store), but it gives it that extra something. Different lengths and shapes add a little more interest. Off the shelf hooks just don’t look right to me. I’m an “S” hook snob, there I said it.

DIY Pot Rack   DIY Pot Rack

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