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I am very excited about this project.

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It started with a great idea from Kiel Mead. During the Hue Are You? show he said, “Wouldn’t it have been cool if we got street artists to tag all of the Mobile Homes houses?” Yes it would Kiel, yes it would.

Once I met superk8, things started to happen. Kate was my connection to some great people. She and a bunch of other artists get together for a show called the Conscious Cycle (the video below is actually last year’s Conscious Cycle).

Conscious Cycle Figment from knox on Vimeo.

The Conscious Cycle was held on Governors Island in NYC during the Figment festival. I met a bunch of great people there, and everyone was cool with lending me a hand. During their down time from painting the mural, they all decorated my silly little houses. So cool. I think they all turned out great.

The artists involved are:

Royce Bannon
Chris from Robots Will Kill
Veng from Robots Will Kill
Lou Auguste
Infinity - Endless Love Crew

Thanks again everybody.

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