Bourbon Jar Lamp

Bourbon Jar Lamp

I was so happy with the way the Jar Lamps I made this Christmas turned out, I made myself one. I was all out of walnut so I made the wooden base out of some scrap oak. But this was no ordinary scrap. The oak came from an old bourbon fermentation tank (where the yeast breaks down the sugar in the mash converting it to alcohol and carbon dioxide over a period of three days). Basically, this wood has soaked up a lot of bourbon over the years.

While shaping the wood, the smell of bourbon was intense, it made the entire shop smell like a distillery (not a bad thing). A smart studio-mate of mine convinced me to leave the base unfinished (thanks Josh). When the bulb heats up a bit and then the jar is removed, the smell of bourbon fills the air.

By far, the best smelling lamp I ever made.

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