Aluminum Space Helmet?

Retaining Ring and Set Screws

This part started out as a quick demo on how to drill into a pipe (found on the ITP Fab site), but has morphed into something more. I’m thinking robot head (of course) or some sort of space/diving helmet.

Retaining Ring and Set Screws

I started with an off-cut piece of aluminum speed rail tubing (this stuff is everywhere around ITP), drilled a 1.5″ diam hole with a hole saw and jig, turned it on a metal lathe, and then made a retaining ring. I’m particularly proud of the ring: 4 evenly spaced holes, tapped for 6-32 threads, and secured by set screws.

Before and After

These parts has no purpose other than getting my chops back and the pure joy of milling parts.

Drill Hole

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