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Maple Diamonds

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


Milling some diamonds in maple on the 4 axis. Would that be miamonds or diaples?



Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.20.03 PM

Vacuum Formed Project Enclosure

Monday, December 5th, 2016


Finally, finished an idea I’ve had kicking around for a little while. I vacuum formed some styrene over a stepper motor circuit board, to be a quick custom project enclosure.


I formed it directly over the circuit board. After a little trimming and sanding, the cover fits great.





Moiré Pattern Clock

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


Made a quick prototype for a clock mechanism powered Moire Pattern kinetic sculpture. Laser cut some cardboard (back of a yellow legal pad), painted it black and white, fitted it to an off the shelf clock mechanism.





Wooden Lego Experiment

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Wooden Lego Experiment

Milled a quick wooden Lego experiment. I can’t believe it fit the first try. Heavily influenced by Notcot.

More to come.

Wooden Lego Experiment

Wooden Lego Experiment

Wooden Lego Experiment

Experiment with Turned Aluminum and Powder Coating

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Turned Aluminum, Then Powder Coated, Then Turned Again

A quick experiment. I turned some aluminum on the metal lathe, then powder coated it orange, then turned just some of it again. The edges look really crisp.

Turned Aluminum, Then Powder Coated, Then Turned Again

Powder Coated Turned Aluminum

Turned Plywood

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Initial Test

The ability to turn what would normally be scrap material is one of my favorite things about the lathe. I’ve been gluing up small blanks of plywood with a slight slant, and then seeing what I get. So far I like the results, there might be something here.

Initial Test Glue-up

Bigger Glue-up

Roughed Out Blank

Curving Metal

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015


Steel Pressed Fairly Well

I’ve been trying to curve small metal pieces without shelling out for a slip roll. CNC’d some male and female banks for the arbor press, and pressed some test pieces. The results were just meh.

Both Halves

Test Press

Smaller Form in Arbor PressSmaller Form in Arbor Press

There was some crimping that I’m not crazy about. Good in a pinch though. Maybe I’ll just break down a buy a roller.

Aluminum Space Helmet?

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Retaining Ring and Set Screws

This part started out as a quick demo on how to drill into a pipe (found on the ITP Fab site), but has morphed into something more. I’m thinking robot head (of course) or some sort of space/diving helmet.

Retaining Ring and Set Screws

I started with an off-cut piece of aluminum speed rail tubing (this stuff is everywhere around ITP), drilled a 1.5″ diam hole with a hole saw and jig, turned it on a metal lathe, and then made a retaining ring. I’m particularly proud of the ring: 4 evenly spaced holes, tapped for 6-32 threads, and secured by set screws.

Before and After

These parts has no purpose other than getting my chops back and the pure joy of milling parts.

Drill Hole

Tins and Toggles

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Switch Wheels

Experimenting with some round tins and micro toggle switches. They kind of remind me of Krull.

Switch Wheel - 12 Toggles

Switch Wheel - 8 Toggels

Laser Cut Stained Glass

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Test Shade - lights on

It’s actually acrylic. Just experimenting with laser cut acrylic joined in the traditional stained glass technique. I’m amazed the acrylic doesn’t melt when soldered together.

This may cut down on the time it takes to make a stained glass (acrylic) lampshade.

Setting up test shade

Test Shade - lights off