Super Bowl Pre-Game

So a normal person throwing a Super Bowl party would be cooking, preparing snacks, maybe clean up a little bit. Not me. I’m fixing broken chairs that I’ve saved from the garbage dump, so my guests will have a place to sit.

J-B Weld Liquid Weld Epoxy

I’m using Liquid Weld Epoxy. This stuff is great. Works like a normal two part epoxy, but when it dries it is incredible strong. You can sand and shape it as well.

Furniture Fix   Furniture Fix

I found this chair on 87th St. One of the back rest connections was completely stripped, and I believe someone actually tried to fix it with chewing gum (seriously). A little liquid weld, a good cleaning, and this baby is good as new.

Furniture Fix   Furniture Fix

This chair was originally at my office, but after too many meetings it finally gave out. I shimmed it with some metal rods and added a lot of liquid weld. Eventually I’ll sand it down and make it look nice.

Happy Super Bowl everybody.


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