Cool Hunting Mention

Cool Hunting mention

It is always a great surprise when you visit one of your favorite design blogs (one of my daily reads) and see your own work starring back at you. Cool Hunting, one of the first and one of the best, did a great round up of lighting they were digging at Design Week.

I’m honored to have the Bourbon Jar Lamps mentioned among these amazing designs:

- Esque and No.1 Son’s Afloat lamp

- Bocci’s 28 Series

- Matt Gagnon Prototype Lamps, I saw these guys while they were doing the live demo. Great lamps, nice guys.

- Lindsey Adelman Studio’s Burst, saw this one as well. Amazing work and Lindsey was very interesting and welcoming.

- Rich Brilliant Willing’s Delta IV

- UM Project’s L.U.M. Lamp

- Deger Cengiz’s Wooden LED Light

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