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Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Robot Ambulance Concept Drawing

I’m very honored that my concept, Robot Ambulance, has been accepted into Make: Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge.

Robot Ambulance is a toy robot fabrication lab on wheels. The goal of the project is to drive to schools, Maker Faires, or birthday parties and get kids making. More project details here.

Robot Ambulance Concept Drawing

Voting started today to decide the winners of the contest. Judging is based on overall Design, unique Customizations, and Maker Spirit embedded within. Vote for as few or as many entries once per day as you wish.

Robot Ambulance Concept Drawing

Thanks to Matt Richardson for the video help and Michelle Temple for the photographs.

Clamp Lamp

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Clamp Lamp and Clamp Magnifying Glass

The Clamp Lamp (did I come up with the name first, then build the lamp? possibly) is a very simple, very useful little light. Plywood base, a gooseneck, a light socket, and a cord are about all you need. Clamp it to a surface using a standard C clamp, and you’re good to go.

I had an old construction light cover that I rescued from my grandpa’s farm decades ago. Finally have a use for it.

I had enough parts to make a second one of these, but this time I attached a magnifying glass to the end of the gooseneck. Don’t know how handy it is for me, but I like the look.

Clamp Lamp and Clamp Magnifying Glass - unclamped