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Turn Table Lamps

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Turn Table Lamp

My latest lamp is made from CNC’d plywood. CNC is kind of amazing, so much potential. When you spin the outside of the lamp you can dim or brighten the light. There are two polarized lens inside that make this possible, and it’s kind of fun to play with.

I wanted to cal it the “I Want the Knife Lamp” but nobody got the reference.

Turn Table Lamp

enLIGHTen Lamp Glamour Shots

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

enLIGHTen Photo Shoot

Jamie took some amazing shots of the lamp I made for Kids of KathmanduenLIGHTen project.

enLIGHTen Photo Shoot

enLIGHTen Photo Shoot

enLIGHTen Auction

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

EnLIGHTen Photo Shoot

So the big day is this Thursday. Tickets are available for the enLIGHTen event and the auction is now live. Some amazing designs up on the block, my lamp is above, the better ones below.

enLIGHTen Auction Invitation

Lamp Finishing Jig

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

A couple bits of scrap MDF, some screws, and an aluminum rod makes a very handy jig for finishing lamps. Kind of like a tipped over lazy Susan.

Can’t believe I haven’t made one of these till now, the finishing was a breeze with the jig.

Finishing Jig for enLIGHTen Lamp

First (and probably only) coat of stain

The enLIGHTen Project

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

enLIGHTen Project Photo Shoot
Photo taken by Jami Saunders

I’m very lucky to be part of a very great charity event, the enLIGHTen Project. The Kids of Kathmandu charity is holding an auction of unique lighting design. Proceeds from the enLIGHTen project will go towards solar panels and batteries for the orphanage in Nepal.

Andrew and Jami, the lovely couple who run the charity, came by the studio for a quick photo shoot (it was my first shoot, they call it a “shoot” in the biz, actually I don’t think they do). Anyway, Jami took some amazing photos of the lamp I’m making for the event.

There are someincredible designers involved in the project, check them out.

Other images from the shoot.

enLIGHTen Project Photo Shoot

enLIGHTen Project Photo Shoot

enLIGHTen Project Photo Shoot

enLIGHTen Project Photo Shoot

Laser Cut Stained Glass

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Test Shade - lights on

It’s actually acrylic. Just experimenting with laser cut acrylic joined in the traditional stained glass technique. I’m amazed the acrylic doesn’t melt when soldered together.

This may cut down on the time it takes to make a stained glass (acrylic) lampshade.

Setting up test shade

Test Shade - lights off

Clamp Lamp

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Clamp Lamp and Clamp Magnifying Glass

The Clamp Lamp (did I come up with the name first, then build the lamp? possibly) is a very simple, very useful little light. Plywood base, a gooseneck, a light socket, and a cord are about all you need. Clamp it to a surface using a standard C clamp, and you’re good to go.

I had an old construction light cover that I rescued from my grandpa’s farm decades ago. Finally have a use for it.

I had enough parts to make a second one of these, but this time I attached a magnifying glass to the end of the gooseneck. Don’t know how handy it is for me, but I like the look.

Clamp Lamp and Clamp Magnifying Glass - unclamped

Tall Boys

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Tall Boys

I got my hands on some more bourbon wood, so I turned a couple of blanks. This stock is a bit thicker, so I went a little taller (original lamp is about 2″ tall, the latest are about 2.5″). Not sure yet if I like it taller.

Original and the latest

Cool Hunting Mention

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Cool Hunting mention

It is always a great surprise when you visit one of your favorite design blogs (one of my daily reads) and see your own work starring back at you. Cool Hunting, one of the first and one of the best, did a great round up of lighting they were digging at Design Week.

I’m honored to have the Bourbon Jar Lamps mentioned among these amazing designs:

- Esque and No.1 Son’s Afloat lamp

- Bocci’s 28 Series

- Matt Gagnon Prototype Lamps, I saw these guys while they were doing the live demo. Great lamps, nice guys.

- Lindsey Adelman Studio’s Burst, saw this one as well. Amazing work and Lindsey was very interesting and welcoming.

- Rich Brilliant Willing’s Delta IV

- UM Project’s L.U.M. Lamp

- Deger Cengiz’s Wooden LED Light

Exit Art Benefit Auction

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Jar Lamps at Exit Art auction

Another great event at Exit Art, the Outer Space Benefit Auction. And the people at Exit Art were nice enough to have my Bourbon Jar Lamps on display.

I had my eye on a Shepard Fairey print, but sadly I was out bid.